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Qom is a historical and religious city, which is located approximately 120 kilometers south of Tehran, the city now has a special place in the silk hand-made carpet industry. Although, carpet weaving was a major industry in Qom last hundred years, but the use of high quality wool and silk, with amazing color and designs, has become it a luxury good and one of the most expensive hand-made carpets, which is well-known and very popular in the world. Earlier, Qom handmade carpets because not benefiting from high quality raw materials and coarse textures in Wate counter40, didn't have a good quality and current reputation. After years, major changes in this area were made, experienced and skilled carpet weavers woven produced silk carpets in high wate counter.

These valuable carpets with the finest silk, as silk flowers and full silk carpets, were introduced to the market. Qom full silk carpets, due to high prices and elegance, are not woven usually in large sizes, are used as decorative. It should be noted that, despite the delicacy of texture, Qom unique carpets have the high strength and durability, and are considered one of the best carpets in the world.
Some of the features of Qom handmade carpets include:
1. The fibers used in carpets are high quality wool as Sabzevar, which is one of the most well-known fibers.
2. Very fine knots and the type of wrap and knot are woven as Persian.
3. The piles in this type of carpet have medium size, and the type of silk is much shorter, also, the roots are visible from one side of the carpet.
4. High Wate counter compared to handmade carpets in other regions
5. The use of natural and vegetable dyes in Qom full silk carpets
6. One of the distinguishing features of Qom carpets is that wefts and regular knots respectively are placed together, which requires time and greater accuracy of weavers, which today in some areas, unfortunately these principles are not respected in terms of accelerating and finishing carpet weaving before the deadline.
7. The use of delicate Weft is another characteristic of this carpet.

Some of the Qom carpet designs include: hunting design, garden design, medallion– Corner design, Shah Palmette flower design, Straipped, Prayer-nich design, although the hunting is originated from Isfahan, but can been seen in many Qom silk designs, which is worthy of praise.
Colors of Qom hand-made carpets include:
Earlier, four to six colors were used in Qom carpets, but over time, this number was increased to sixteen colors, and now the beautiful carpets are woven with great variety of colors.
Natural colors used in this type of carpet are:
Pomegranate peel, walnut, grape leaves, gravel, indigo, madder, mignonette, cochineal
Even, if you don't want to decorate your house with high cost using carpet, and at the same time, you want to have a work of fine art, Qom silk Pictorial carpets are suitable for any home.

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