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The origin and source of hand-made carpets is Sardrood city, one of the major cities of Tabriz To knot a carpet, artists of the city for the first time marketed decorative wall carpets woven from wool and silk. More than 75% of Sardrood, are engaged in this craft. Wall Carpets are known in the name of Pictorial Carpet, Wall Carpet, Tableau rug in the world that has less than 30 years old, and many people like it, and also they are considered as one of the luxury goods and very beautiful for decoration.

The design of wall carpets includes:
1. Rural and natural landscapes
2. The paintings of Iran and world artists
3. The text consists of verses and poetry and literature
4. Flowers and Fruit
5. Animals
6. Portrait

Usually, wall carpets are used with standard Rajshmar 50 or higher for fine texture, and for showing more details, wall carpets usually cover numerous color range, and has a large variety of design. In the past, Carpet actual design of the wall carpet was designed as chessboard and manually painted, and finally printed on paper, which was very difficult and time consuming, with the advancement of science in the field, the maps of Pictorial carpet is made as computer code, and weavers work has become very convenient. However, many people believe that, art is gone in carpet weaving with new technology!

Another advantage of these maps is that, if one doesn't like to use the ready designs in the market, can give his family photos or personal data to relevant workshops, and it has become a carpet in a short time. How to value Carpets depends on the type of map, Rajshomar, high quality raw materials (yarn quality and transparency of colors), the silk used and dimensions and most importantly the skill of the weaver to knot a carpet correctly. The biggest moquette in Iran, with the words "I love Mohammad", with 40 languages is woven, the carpet has 21 million knots in 21 meters.

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