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Kashan is one of the historical and spectacular cities near Isfahan province that has a great reputation in carpet weaving. Carpet weaving in this region dates back to many years ago, all ancient and exquisite antique carpets belong to Kashan, which have been recovered in the Safavid and Qajar era, and because of their great antiquity, they are kept in the most prestigious domestic and foreign museums.

One of the most famous carpets in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London is Sheikh Safi carpet or Ardebil carpet, many researchers have concluded that this carpet is woven by skilled weavers in Kashan. Nevertheless, the weavers of Kashan had special expertise in the use of silk yarn. Another reason that based it Sheikh Safi carpet is attributed to Kashan is that, according to the duration of weaving this carpet that lasted six years, and those years coincided with the invasion of the Ottoman Empire, the Turks were captured in Iran, that Turkish knot is used in the Ardabil carpet instead of Persian knot. Also, Instead of keeping Ardabil carpet in one of London's museums, as part of the spoils of the Ottoman Empire must be kept in Turkey. According to this document, it is unlikely that this carpet is woven in Tabriz. It is likely that Maghsood Beek Kashani (carpet weaver) in order to create production workshops moved to Tabriz carpet, and is woven in the same place. In Kashan, the piles of different regions are different, for example, in the old rugs, short piles were used, in the modern weavings, medium or even long pile are used, the carpets of Aran and Kashan Bidgol, these piles are longer than others. It seems that high piles for washing with chemical method are more suitable than short piles.

Wool used in these carpets includes:
High quality Australian wool, which for the first time arrived in Kashan and the rest of fibers have been used of the flock in different cities of Iran.
Kashan, in the past, produced fine and valuable carpets, until, Gom carpets in terms of the production of very elegant and carpets are better than Kashan carpets.

Some of the features of Kashan carpets include:
1. Now, Wate counterless than 50 that are found in Coarse-textured carpets and their quality is lost, but in the past, very fine Kashan carpets were woven.
2. The use of designs with diamond-shaped medallion.
3. Using warm colors and combining them which are effective in beauty.
4. Toothed and sharp medallion can be seen in the Kashan carpets.
5. Exquisite carpets of Kashan are usually benefited from Safavid designs.
6. Cotton was used as Warp and waft in the Kashan carpets in the past, high quality silk was used in its valuable type.
7. Colors in new carpets are lacquer, beige and dark.

Some Kashan carpet designs include: vase, medallion– Corner design, Prayer-nich design, hunting design,.... the use of central medallion has been very common. Kashan carpet also, like many parts of Iran, because of the invasions of the Mongols was affected by changes and the art of carpet weaving has long lost its prosperity. Unfortunately, there are no the carpets like old Kashan carpet which used the living and beautiful vegetable colors like flowers and bird, and just in some small villages, people are engaged in carpet weaving, which unfortunately no longer any exquisite handmade carpets are not woven in Kashan. Then, with the advancement of technology, and imported machines for carpet weaving, machine made carpets were introduced to the market, which Kashan is currently as one of the most prestigious centers to produce machine made carpets.

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